Endangered Gospel

John C. Nugent

This website it dedicated to promoting John C. Nugent's book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church.

Podcasts & Radio Interviews

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Grand Rapids Seminar on Endangered Gospel

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Video Promos and Interviews

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  • Introducing Endangered Gospel

  • Making the book with Wipf & Stock

  • Highlighting excerpts from extended interview below

  • Explaining why I wrote the book
  • Examining incomplete views of the church's role
  • Visualizing the church in action
  • Trusting God's use of world powers

  • Rejecting the notion of withdrawal from the world
  • Embracing the new world that has already begun
  • Exposing the myth of universal love

  • Prioritizing Scripture's account of the church's role
  • Appreciating the unity of OT & NT, Israel & church
  • Distinguishing Christian community from others
  • Explaining how the gospel is endangered