Endangered Gospel

John C. Nugent

This website it dedicated to promoting John C. Nugent's book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church.

From the Back Cover

For centuries, Christians sought to rescue people from this world. Today, we’re trying to fix it. While this shift is helpful in some ways, in other ways it can be quite dangerous.

Endangered Gospel flips the script on this conversation by stressing the core gospel truth that, rather than ushering in a new world through social activism, God's people already are the new world in Christ. It’s not our job to make this world a better place, but to be the better place God has already made in this world. That's good news!

If we let go of this truth, we become servants of the world and not God. We also lose the great joy and abundant life that God intended us to have in community. Jesus himself said that the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another—not the fervor of our activism.

Social action makes us feel relevant and alive, but it can’t be the center of our new life in Christ. Endangered Gospel explores how we might enthusiastically embrace the social dimensions of the gospel, without divorcing them from the church or forcing them on the world.

Read this book, hear the gospel story afresh, and embrace the good news of God’s kingdom!


Part One: The Case for a Better Place

Ch. 1 Yearning for a Better Place

Ch. 2 Incomplete Visions of a Better Place

Ch. 3 Toward a Better Vision of a Better Place

Part Two: The Bible’s Story of a Better Place

Ch. 4 God Creates a Very Good Place

Ch. 5 Humans Corrupt God’s Very Good Place

Ch. 6 God Uses the Powers to Make this World a Better Place

Ch. 7 God Forms a People to Prepare for a Better Place

Ch. 8 God Sends Jesus to Inaugurate a Better Place, Part I

Ch. 9 God Sends Jesus to Inaugurate a Better Place, Part II

Ch. 10 God Calls the Church to Embrace a Better Place

Ch. 11 God Calls the Church to Display a Better Place

Ch. 12 God Calls the Church to Proclaim a Better Place

Ch. 13 God Makes this World the Very Best Place

Part Three: A Better Place in Action

Ch. 14 The Better Place in Action

Ch. 15 Discipleship

Ch. 16 Leadership

Ch. 17 Fellowship

Ch. 18 Family Relationships

Ch. 19 Friendship

Ch. 20 Vocation

Ch. 21 Missions

Ch. 22 Witness to the Powers

Ch. 23 Conclusion

Appendix: Answers to Practical Questions