Endangered Gospel

John C. Nugent

This website it dedicated to promoting John C. Nugent's book Endangered Gospel: How Fixing the World is Killing the Church.

Branson Parler  Things Hold Together

Branson Parler
Things Hold Together

"In an age when it’s common to be spiritual but not religious, where language of ‘social justice’ and ‘kingdom’ sounds far more appealing than ‘church,’ Christians desperately need a clear biblical vision of who we’re called to be as the people of God. Endangered Gospel gives us exactly that. Nugent calls us back to the biblical narrative to rethink what we thought we knew about the church and then propels us forward into our church communities with a renewed sense of urgency and mission for our life together. This book is biblically rooted, theological deep, exceptionally clear, and eminently practical."

Scot McKnight  Kingdom Conspiracy   

Scot McKnight
Kingdom Conspiracy

"Endangered Gospel is at the same time a prophetic critique of a church that has lost its way as well as a careful, patient, accessible sketch of what a kingdom-shaped church is designed to look like. John Nugent is a careful scholar, a deep thinker, a judicious critic, and a committed churchman, and in this book he reveals once again why he is becoming a leading voice when it comes to church and society. I have read very few books with which I agreed as much as Endangered Gospel."

Philip Kenneson  Life on the Vine

Philip Kenneson Life on the Vine

"In an era where more and more Christians desperately long to make the world a better place, John Nugent dares to question these well-meaning desires by challenging us to recover our unique and peculiar calling as the church: to serve the world by embodying and bearing witness to God's better place, the in-breaking kingdom of God."